Literacy Lessons

Literacy Lessons™ is an intervention designed to reach young children (generally Grades 2-4) with exceptional needs who are struggling with beginning reading and writing but are not eligible for Reading Recovery. Specialist Literacy Lesson teachers are trained to use Reading Recovery instructional procedures to design individual lessons for their students with the goal of accelerating their literacy learning.

Life Changing Literacy Learning for Students with Exceptional Needs. Extensive Professional Development for Teachers. A Literacy Intervention for older students in schools already implementing Reading Recovery.

Children selected for Literacy Lessons are in the beginning stages of learning to read and write. They are identified based on the results of their assessment using An Observation Survey of Early Literacy Achievement. Students work on-on-one with a Literacy Lessons trained teacher for 30-40 minutes every day for up to 30 weeks to make gains in their literacy learning.

There are other groups of children who would probably also benefit from the use of Reading Recovery procedures. It is because these procedures are designed for adapting the instruction to the learning needs of individual children that they can be applied to many beginning readers who are in some kind of special education.

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Like Reading Recovery, Literacy Lessons includes a strong professional development component, implementation standards and guidelines, and annual data collection.

Literacy Lessons teachers are often trained Reading Recovery teachers, or Literacy Specialists and must hold a Special Education Teaching Certificate teachers. They are trained over the course of one school year by a Reading Recovery Teacher Leader to understand the Reading Recovery procedures that will help the Literacy Lessons students gain skills and confidence in reading and writing.

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