Teacher Leader Opportunity in Beautiful Williams Lake

This is an opportunity of a lifetime to live, work and play in the beautiful interior of British Columbia.  School District #27 (Cariboo-Chilcotin) is looking to hire a Reading Recovery Teacher Leader or Reading Recovery Teacher willing to train in Vancouver starting in September, 2018.

School District No. 27 (Cariboo-Chilcotin) has 21 elementary schools. There are 6 in the 100 Mile House area, 5 in the Chilcotin area (west of Williams Lake), 3 east of Williams Lake, and 7 in the Williams Lake area.  Reading Recovery has been implemented in this school district for 21 years!

Set in the heart of the Cariboo, Williams Lake delivers everything from the biggest shopping area in the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast to any kind of great outdoor adventure you want! Williams Lake is home to over 11,000 people & 25,000 in the surrounding area. Just a scenic day trip (546km) from Vancouver north on Highway 97 or a 1 hour flight from the Metropolis, Williams Lake is very easy to access.  With a plentiful selection of activities such as fishing any of the 4500 lakes, hiking to a mountain top, skiing downhill or cross-country, snowmobiling through untouched powder and canoeing or kayaking one of the canoe circuits, Williams Lake is a beautiful place to live!

Description of Assignment

Reading Recovery™ Teacher Leader Training Year

School District No. 27 is seeking a teacher to train during the 2018/2019 school year, as a Reading Recovery™ Teacher Leader through the Mountain Pacific Institute of Reading Recovery™ in Vancouver, British Columbia.  The successful candidate will train during the 2018/2019 school year, then begin work as a Reading Recovery™ Teacher Leader in School District No. 27 in September 2019.

The Reading Recovery™ Teacher Leader’s primary responsibilities will include the training of new Reading Recovery™ teachers, the ongoing professional support of trained Reading Recovery™ teachers, the teaching of children, and the continued implementation of Reading Recovery™ and Reading Strategies within School District No. 27 schools.  In addition to providing in-service, school visits, planning, preparation and record keeping, the Teacher Leader is responsible for data collection and other activities related to maintaining a Reading Recovery™ training site.

The job demands a high level of personal initiative, teamwork, responsibility, independence, and leadership.  A contract outlining expectations and provisions of support will be a condition of this position.

It would be expected that the successful candidate would be committed to a minimum of 4 years as Reading Recovery™ Teacher Leader in School District No. 27 after the initial training year is completed.

Questions concerning this posting and the district provisions of support for this posting are welcome.  Please contact Lori Kelly, Reading Recovery Teacher Leader (250-398-3821) or Jerome Beauchamp, Director of Instruction, Education Services (250-398-3845) for further information.

Special Qualifications

  • A minimum of five years of teaching experience with no less than three years of exemplary primary (K-3) level or the equivalent time focused on the teaching of reading at the primary level.
  • Completed Reading Recovery™ teacher training
  • BC College of Teachers certification
  • Superior educational leadership skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • A demonstrated commitment to ongoing, personal and professional development and growth.
  • Valid BC Driver’s license
  • Bilingual is an asset

You can find more a more detailed posting of this and other positions on the School District No. 27 Website.  Apply today to catch this opportunity to make a difference for struggling young learners in this school district.

You may complete the application form on line at the web address above and e-mail as an attachment to teachpost@sd27.bc.ca

This school district is part of the Mountain Pacific Region of the Canadian Institute of Reading Recovery.

Changing Worlds – Literacy Learning for Young Children Workshop

A One-Day Workshop in Winnipeg, Manitoba on April 6, 2019

On Saturday April 6, 2019 we are excited to be hosting a one day professional learning workshop in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  This workshop is all about literacy learning for young children (6 and under).

Who should attend?

  • Early Childhood Educators
  • Daycare Providers
  • Kindergarten and Pre-School Teachers
  • Literacy Coaches and Specialists
  • Parents, Grandparents and Caregivers of young children

Where is this workshop?

  • The Victoria Inn in Winnipeg – right near the airport with lots of free parking.

What will you learn?

  • Purposeful play to support literacy
  • Tips for reading to and writing with young children
  • Literacy learning strategies parents can use with young children
  • How to notice when extra supports are needed
  • Sparking interest in reading and writing
  • Where to find resources to support reading and writing
  • and so much more!

How much will it cost?

  • The workshop is $185 and includes refreshments, lunch, a keynote speaker and several engaging workshops throughout the day.
  • Workshops are led by leading literacy experts in Manitoba
  • The day will start at 9am and run through to 4:30pm.


Space is limited and you won’t want to miss this amazing learning event!  Register today!

Gala Celebration of 25 Years of Reading Recovery in Manitoba

Manitoba is celebrating 25 years of Reading Recovery success in 2019!

We are joining together in celebration on April 4th, 2019 at the Victoria Inn in Winnipeg, Manitoba to mark this milestone with a gala celebration.

We will hear from an amazing keynote speaker, past reading recovery students, current Reading Recovery trainers and teacher leaders.  We will celebrate with a fine dinner, cash bar and entertainment!

Hear about the success of Reading Recovery from former and current students, celebrate with current and former teachers and teacher leaders who have shaped Reading Recovery over the years.

Tickets are $75 each or $600 for a table of 8.  Available online by clicking the ticket below.  Tickets will not be sold at the door.

This gala celebration takes place during the National Reading Recovery and Early Literacy Conference so if you are planning to attend the conference consider joining the celebration!

Purchase a Ticket

Getting Books on the Reading Recovery Booklist

Publisher Submissions for the Approved Canadian Reading Recovery Booklist – a Quick How To

Teaching children to read and write involves the use of books that are suitable for their reading level, language and cultural relevance.  Publishers and authors are invited to submit their books for approval.  Once approved they will be added to the book list so that Reading Recovery schools can purchase them for use in their programs.

Each book included on the Canadian Reading Recovery Booklist (CIRR, 2017) represents countless Boy Reading and Approved Bookhours of volunteer work by Canadian Reading Recovery Trainers, Teacher Leaders, and Teachers who engage in an intensive review process that includes an initial review for quality and approximate level followed by field-testing of every title being considered for inclusion.  Reading Recovery educators who support the processes of review and field-testing represent geographic, language, and cultural diversity.

From the many books available, each title considered for possible inclusion is evaluated to determine how well the book:

  • tells a meaningful and well-structured story;
  • supports development of a literacy processing system of Grade one students;
  • has text features that work together appropriately for a particular level rather than creating undue challenges to the readers because of widely disparate features of text difficulty (language, concepts, spatial features, etc.);
  • has a sufficient amount of text on which a child could engage in problem solving and practice fluent reading;
  • represents ethnic, cultural, and language diversity in a way that values all persons;
  • has a story line that is of interest to Canadian children;
  • has good quality illustrations;
  • is constructed using good quality materials; and
  • is affordable.

It is not the intent of the Booklist to provide an over-abundance of titles.  The intent is to provide a listing of texts that Reading Recovery professionals can easily access for use with students.  The booklist is revised on a 3-year cycle with the next date of publication being Spring, 2020.  It would be advisable to have books distributed before December 31, 2019.

In order to expedite titles for consideration, it is advised that publishers and book distributors provide complementary copies that can be distributed by the contacts in each region.


Short Intervention, Long Term Impact

Reading Recovery has life long impact on students

In 1999, Jack, a student in Yukon, was at the lowest reading level in his class in Grade 1. His parents were shocked to receive this news, but when offered the opportunity to have him participate in Reading Recovery, they  gratefully accepted this offer of support.

Jack, Impact of Reading Recovery

Jack when he was a Reading Recovery Student

Following just a few weeks of the Reading Recovery literacy intervention in his school, Jack’s reading level improved dramatically. He finished his Grade 2 year at the highest reading level in his class.
Jack’s teachers referred to him as the “perfect Reading Recovery student”.  He was able to accelerate
his learning and quickly catch up to his peers.

Jack enjoyed his time in Reading Recovery so much that he turned up at the Reading Recovery
room at the beginning of Grade 3 ready to continue his work with Ms. Marie!

The short term intervention of Reading Recovery has made a difference for Jack.  Throughout elementary school and high school, Jack was an avid reader and an above average student. In 2011 Jack graduated from high school with honours.   Currently, Jack is finishing his Bachelor of Arts undergraduate degree at UVic and achieving A’s in his program.  He is also an excellent writer and a voracious reader of global politics, biographies, and fiction anchored in history and travel adventures.

Jack has come a long way since his beginnings as the lowest achieving reader in his Grade 1 class!  Without the Reading Recovery intervention it is possible Jack would struggle with reading, writing and academic achievement throughout his education and into adulthood.  The short time he spent with Ms. Marie in Reading Recovery has made all the difference for Jack.

Parents of children who are struggling to read and write often wonder what they can do to help their children be better readers and writer.  There are many things parents can do which can help young children with reading – read to them, give them books to read, point out letters and words you see in public, let them see you reading, take them to the library.

Even with these activities some children will struggle to learn to read once they get into school.  For these children Reading Recovery is an effective way, in a short amount of time to bring the kids who are struggling the most up to a level equal to the other readers in their grade.  Not all schools have Reading Recovery though, so one of the ways parents can help is to advocate for the school board, division or district to implement Reading Recovery.  Reading Recovery makes a life long impact!


Implementing Reading Recovery in Manitoba First Nations

In 2014, the first Reading Recovery Training Centre in a First Nations community opened in Manitoba.  The opening was cause for celebration.

Reading Recovery in First Nations

Gloria Sinclair, Reading Recovery Teacher Leader for Manitoba First Nations Education & Resource Centre.

Gloria Sinclair was selected as the first Teacher Leader to guide the implementation of Reading Recovery.  The winter issue of The Journal of Reading Recovery, features an article written by, Gloria Sinclair, Allyson Matczuk and Irene Huggins.  The article that reflects on the implementation of Reading Recovery by the Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre.  Outlined are the details of how Reading Recovery has been implemented in an area that this made up of many small, rural and very remote communities.

Read about the achievements of Ray, a student who could recognize only 7 letters and with only 12 lessons he read little books, wrote in full sentences and confidently answered questions about what he was doing!

The implementation has been so successful that a second Teacher Leader has been trained and another Reading Recovery Training Centre has just opened in Thompson, Manitoba.

Learn more by reading the full article.

School District 27 celebrates 20 years of Reading Recovery

School District #27 in BC Celebrates 20 Years of Reading Recovery

School District No. 27 was recognized for 20 years of Reading Recovery intervention success by the Canadian Institute of Reading Recovery.  This early reading intervention has directly supported over 1700 Grade 1 students to overcome reading difficulties.  There have been more than 80 teachers trained in Reading Recovery and those 80 teachers have gone on to impact over 15,000 students in School District No. 27 through changes in teaching methods over the past 20 years.

The June 20, 2017 evening celebration, hosted by the current Reading Recovery Teacher Leader, Lori

23 Reading Recovery Teachers

23 Reading Recovery Teachers in District #27

Kelly, included a short program of special guests who spoke about their role in the inception and development of Reading Recovery in School District No. 27 over the past 20 years.  Special guests included teacher Delores Goerz and school psychologist Darryl Grams who initially brought the program to the district, past Reading Recovery Teacher Leader Lorraine Smith, and Brian Butcher who was the superintendent of schools at Reading Recovery’s introduction to the District.

There were several past students who are now adults and families who came out

20 Years of Reading Recovery

Christine and Tanya – 20 Years of Reading Recovery Certificate

with their children who were a part of Reading Recovery.  Thanks to funds from the Williams Lake Truckers Association each child who attended was able to choose a book to take home.

School District No. 27 produced a short video describing the impact of Reading Recovery over these past 20 years which was well received by the crowd of approximately 75 people.  The evening culminated with The Reading Recovery Trainer for the Mountain Pacific Region, Christine Fraser, presenting Tanya Gunther, SD 27 Board of Education chair, with a certificate of recognition on behalf of the Canadian Institute of Reading Recovery. Christine commended the District on its accomplishments over the past 20 years and said she would like to bottle up all the positive energy in the room and take it with her around the region to other school districts.

2019 Conference Exhibitors Confirmed

New Conference Exhibitors Confirmed Daily

Part of the National Reading Recovery and Early Literacy Conference not to be missed are the exhibitors.  The Exhibitor Trade Show is an opportunity during breaks in the conference agenda to connect with the latest materials for your classroom, meet authors and publishers, learn about new resources to aid in literacy development.  Not all exhibitors are publishers – some are unique businesses with items of interest to educators.  Many exhibitors have specials and draws on just for the conference so it is a great place to get a good deal!

If you are interested in being an exhibitor please register soon as space is limited.  Only $600 for an 8ft table and $200 for each additional table!

Exhibitors are confirmed daily so watch this space for updates on who will be at the conference this year.

So…..who will be an exhibitor at the 2019 Reading Recovery and Early Literacy Conference in Winnipeg? The following have confirmed they will be there!


Blueberry Hill Books




Impact of Reading Recovery in Canada – 2016-17 National Data

Reading Recovery Changes Lives

2016-17 National Reading Recovery Data Released

Each year in June, the Canadian Institute of Reading Recovery, the Canadian Reading Recovery Trainer Team and some keen statistical analysts work together to collect information on the achievement of students who have participated in Reading Recovery through the school year.  The impact of Reading Recovery is felt by thousands of young learners in Canada. Reading Recovery Impacts Children

The results are in for the 2016-17 year.   Nova Scotia had job action during the school year so their data was not included in these results, but the data from 5 provinces and 1 territory show that over 7,200 children were helped by Reading Recovery in Canada.  In Canada there were 5 Reading Recovery Trainers, 45 Teacher Leaders, and 1,091 Teachers supporting the early literacy intervention.  They are champions for children struggling with reading and writing as well as keen observers of the literacy needs of children in Grade 1.  Reading Recovery is implemented in English in 868 schools and in French in 23 schools.

One mom writes, “I am simply amazed at the progress my little guy has had in this program. He only began a few weeks ago as a non reader and now he is reading. What a boost to his self confidence!! Thank you for an excellent program!

Find out more about the achievements of students in Reading Recovery by reading the report.

Download the Reading Recovery National Summary 2015-2016


The Victoria Inn, located at 1808 Wellington Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba will be your host hotel for the upcoming National Reading Recovery & Early Literacy Learning Conference taking place on April 4-5, 2019.

Group Rates:

Standard Room $119.00

How to book at the conference rate…

1.       Call the hotel directly and ask to book in the “Reading Recovery Institute” group block (Group Code – 799962 – if needed).

2.       Head to Winnipeg.vicinn.com click on “Reserve Now” then enter Group Code 799962 and enter the PIN – CIRR

The last day to receive the special group rate is March 15, 2019 – book early to ensure the best rate.

In addition to the affordable room rate, guests of the Victoria Inn will also receive complimentary parking, complimentary internet in all guest rooms, complimentary use of all hotel facilities.

The hotel is conveniently in the same building as our conference activities.  If you are staying on-site you won’t have to go outside!