Reading Recovery

Sophie - learns to readWho among us wouldn’t throw a lifeline to someone we saw struggling in the water? Children who struggle with reading are ‘drowning’ every day, and yet we know how to help them. Most children who have access to Reading Recovery become competent readers and writers – and in an incredibly short time! It’s a real lifeline to literacy.

Reading Recovery instruction focuses on the lowest achieving children early and provides individually designed lessons delivered by a specially trained teacher. Children who have not responded well to classroom instruction in Kindergarten and grade one, and who have not developed effective patterns of literacy learning, can make accelerated progress and be successfully brought to the average level of the classmates within approximately 15 weeks of individual instruction. They are then able to benefit from classroom instruction.

Reading Recovery is a thoroughly researched and proven approach to reducing early literacy failure.

  • Reading Recovery students outperform control group students on multiple literacy tests measuring reading and writing abilities.
  • Achievement gaps are greatly reduced or closed across varying ethnic and socioeconomic groups, and for English language learners.
  • One-to-one tutoring with a Reading Recovery trained teacher has been shown to consistently provide superior results to small-group programs.
  • Costly long-term  remedial classes and effort are  eliminated for many children.

At the end of a full series of Reading Recovery lessons, 70% of students read at or above grade level.

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Download the Reading Recovery Canada brochure and find out more about how children are assessed in the Reading Recovery program.