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Reading Recovery is a successful early intervention program for children struggling to read and write.

Reading Recovery in CanadaWe know that children who struggle to read and write in their early education will continue to have challenges within the education system and on into adulthood.  Reading Recovery is an early intervention program that provides children in grade 1 who are struggling most with reading and writing with one-on-one lessons tailored to their needs and provided by a specially trained teacher.

Reading Recovery offers effective short-term early literacy intervention delivered 1 on 1 by specially trained teachers and is individually designed to help the lowest achieving children become confident readers and writers in just weeks.  The impact of Reading Recovery in Grade 1 lasts throughout life.  Teachers are specially trained to deliver Reading Recovery in their schools with an intense 1 year training period.  Find out more about how Reading Recovery works from our FAQ page.

Every year, data is collected from each school to paint a picture of Reading Recovery in Canada.  You can find this on the Research page of this site.

Reading Recovery is implemented in Canada in individual schools, entire school boards or districts or by provincial departments of education.  You can find Reading Recovery in Yukon, BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, PEI and Nova Scotia.  Reading Recovery is available in both English and French throughout Canada.

The Canadian Institute of Reading Recovery (CIRR) is a charitable organization with a 15 member board of directors.  This organization holds the royalty free license for Reading Recovery in Canada.  The CIRR ensures that the implementation of Reading Recovery is consistent across locations through the use of Standards and Guidelines.  As well the CIRR provides professional development for Reading Recovery Trainers, Teacher Leaders and Teachers through conferences and resources.

If you would like more information about Reading Recovery and how to implement it in your area please explore this website further, download our brochure or contact us!