Young Children Becoming Literate – Learning Sessions with presentations and handouts

Learning Sessions – @ 10:30am

High Risk to Success – We have the Proof! Keynote Address
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Learning Session 1: Conversation with Miriam Trehearne
This is an opportunity to participate in a facilitated conversation with Miriam Trehearne to dive deeply into her keynote address.

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Learning Session 2: Talk to Me Baby! Supporting Early Language and Literacy with Debra Mayer, Early Childhood Education Consultant
Early childhood is a unique developmental period for language and literacy learning. In this session, you will review practical research-based strategies for Early Years Educators that will help to promote children’s oral language development and emergent literacy, in intentional, play-based language rich environment

Learning Session 3: Already Ready: Starting Early, Starting Strong with Tracy Genik, Reading Recovery Teacher Leader
What is possible for the younger children of our language and literacy community? Together, we will explore some of the possibilities and think about how we can support these children by fostering a rich language and literate environment

Learning Session 4: Show Me What You Are Saying: Using Props in Storytelling with Brenda Still, Program Supervisor at KIDS Inc.
Looking through school supply catalogues you will find wonderful resources for adding to your storytelling repertoire, but these items can be very expensive and limited as they are often “story specific”. Being about to build your own props, no matter what you perceive your artistic skill level to be can be very handy. In this interactive workshop participants will learn the value of using props during storytelling for both the teller and the listener, ideas on how to use ordinary items to enhance your storytelling, how to use puppets and felt boards with stories, and how to encourage children to use props for their own storytelling. A variety of materials will be available to workshop participants to make their own props to take back to their homes and centres to use in their storytelling.

Learning Session 5: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words with Helen Proulx, Reading Recovery Teacher Leader
It is so exciting when a child picks up a marker, pencil or paint brusha nd begins to make marks on a page, drawing or ‘writing’ for the first time! The child has found a way other than talking to communicate his ideas. This session will explore how we may guide children in both literacy learning and oral language development through their drawing and early attempts at writing

Learning Sessions – @ 1:15pm

Learning Session 6: Developing Oral Language and Listening Comprehension in Pre-School and Kindergarten – Practical Strategies that Work! with Miriam Trehearne, Literacy Consultant and Keynote Speaker
This practical workshop will clarify the most effective research-based strategies and engaging mini-lessons used for both assessing and developing oral language and listening comprehension in Preschool and Kindergarten.

Learning Session 7: Language Learning – Run Run As Fast As You Can! with Jennifer Flight, Reading Recovery Trainer for Manitoba
Are you wondering how to better support children learning English or those who are reluctant to speak and participate in conversations? This workshop will explore ways to observe and learn from a child’s use of language in order to foster language development through playful literacy activities.

Learning Session 8: Play Based Learning with Jackie Cunningham, Early Childhood Education Instructor, Seven Oaks School Division
Children learn the best through play and play in literacy development is no exception. There are a variety of ways to engage children in literacy activities that are child centered and play-based. This session will explore ways to do this best in your classroom or childcare centre.


Learning Session 9: What Did I Write: Engaging Young Children as they Explore Writing with Vanda Mitri and Alissa Denbow, Reading Recovery Teacher Leader and Kindergarten/Reading Recovery Teacher
Children’s early writing experiences provide them with powerful learning opportunities that contribute to their ongoing reading and writing progress. Much happens when they are encouraged to write. This session will share what to look for in a child’s scribbles and marks on a page and how to delight in and celebrate changes.


Learning Session 10: Supporting Phonological Awareness in the Early Years with Pearlyn Henry-Burrell, Cayman Islands Early Childhood Association
Supporting Phonological Awareness in the Early Years workshop promises to be a fun filled experience that brings to life current research and research-based practices for promoting phonological awareness in Early Years Settings. This action oriented workshop was developed specifically for educators of 3-5 year-olds; the workshop offers practical, immediately usable strategies that fit naturally into everyday classroom activities. There will be focus on the Phonological Continuum and how Early Years Practitioners can use to research –based strategies to support young children through each stage. This workshop will also explore the Early Language and Literacy Classroom Observation (ELLCO) Pre-K Tool and how it can be used to get an overall view of effective practice. Emphasis will be placed on the language and literacy section of the tool, and how it can be used to support the development of phonological awareness in the Early Years. A wonderful journey awaits you!


Closing Keynote – Dr. Allyson Matczuk
What is Possible – Presentation Slides