Interpreting Running Records: The Journey from Accuracy to Processing

Running Records capture what young readers say and do while reading continuous texts. Observing and recording how children problem solve begins with the easy-to-notice behaviours and changes over time. As children’s processing changes from week to week what progress can be observed and how can teachers foster this change? Discussion will be centered on the interpretation of Running Records and how these records can challenge teachers to think about children’s processing.

Presenter: Yvette Heffernan, Canadian Institute of Reading Recovery Atlantic Division

Yvette Heffernan is the Reading Recovery/IPLÉ Trainer for the Atlantic region, where she supports implementations in both English and French. She has been a classroom teacher for 34 years as well as a school administrator. Her experiences as a French Immersion, Core French, Resource and Early Intervention teacher continue to shape her work with both students and teachers.