Look and Listen/Reflect and Teach, K-3 Teachers

Pat Johnson PhotoCareful observations are needed when assessing children who struggle learning to read. To get more information than just a number or letter level, we need to look with an eye and ear toward in-the-head strategies. Work with Pat Johnson to learn to analyze running records and other assessments better. How can you tell if a child can self-monitor, predict, search and gather useful information, make multiple attempts at solving words, maintain fluency, and so on? And how do you use the information you discover to plan your instruction?

About Pat: Pat Johnson has supported both students and teachers as an elementary reading teacher for 30 years. Most of her career has been in schools with diverse populations in Fairfax County, Virginia. She is a Reading Recovery trained teacher and was also an adjunct faculty member for George Mason University. Presently, as a literacy consultant, Pat provides staff development for various school districts across the U. S. and Canada. She is the author of One Child at a Time: Making the Most of Your Time with Struggling Readers and co-author of Catching Readers Before They Fall, both books from Stenhouse.


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