Mary Fried – Thursday Keynote Speaker


Keynote Presentation (Thursday)

Flexibility in Problem Solving:  A Literacy Processing Perspective

What is ‘Flexibility ‘ from the perspective of Clay’s literacy processing theory?  Why do beginning readers need to learn to be flexible problem solvers as they read and write continuous texts?  What is the teacher’s role in fostering flexibility in problem solving?   These are question to be explored as we learn together and apply principles of teaching to promote accelerated learning.

Friday Presentation

Learning from Our Teaching

In 30 years of research and 30 years of teaching children, Reading Recovery educators have learned a great deal about effective teaching in early literacy. At this year’s milestone celebration it is important to review and build understandings of the research foundations of Reading Recovery while also focusing on what we have learned about teaching. We are continuing to refine our teaching effectiveness both in Reading Recovery and primary classrooms based on understandings of Clay’s theory of literacy processing and the knowledge we have gained from our personal teaching experiences.

About our Keynote

Mary Fried is an author and a trainer of teacher leaders in the Reading Recovery Center at The Ohio State University. Trained by Marie Clay and Barbara Watson during the original 1984-1985 pilot study of Reading Recovery in the U.S., Mary has been actively engaged in teaching, presenting, conducting research, and writing about Reading Recovery for more than 25 years. Mary is also a trainer for Literacy Collaborative and the Principal’s Academy for Leadership. Her teaching of children in Reading Recovery for the last 10 years has been immersed with teaching English language learners.