No-No-Noticing…A Novice’s Guide to Noticing (Self-Monitoring in Early Reading)

Back by popular demand! In this session, teachers will discover more about what it really means to self-monitor in early reading.

It all begins with noticing. Is the child noticing? And more importantly, what is the child noticing? – Is the child just reading words or reading for meaning?

It works two ways – As teachers we need to observe and be aware of what the child is ‘noticing’.

“What did you notice?”…”Why did you stop?” “ Was that ok?”

Now what?…

It is only once children begin to notice that we become Agents of Change. We will explore different ways children can take action in order to become effective readers.

Presenters: Liz Lightbound & Shirley DeSouza

Dufferin Peel District Catholic School Board