Pandemic Teaching – Using Reading Recovery Teachers in School Literacy Teams

giril with book

2020 has presented students, teachers, principals and school administrators with new challenges and opportunities that we never would have thought we would be experiencing when New Years Day dawned in 2020. Now that 2021 has come upon us we realize that we have all learned a lot and we know that we are so much more flexible and adaptable than we ever thought possible!

If you are in a school with a Reading Recovery teacher you have a tremendous asset in your midst. If you are that Reading Recovery teacher you know just what is possible!

How can a Reading Recovery teacher help with classroom instruction during a pandemic?
  • Bring a literacy processing lens to classroom instruction
  • Help with assessment of students new to the school or who have been at home, by finding their literacy strengths and creating a plan to build on them
  • Interpret and analyze reading processing
  • Support oral language development
  • Act as a coach with a classroom teacher
  • Provide valuable input into the development of individual education plans

Download and share this resource to find out more ways Reading Recovery teachers can benefit not only classrooms and school literacy teams but the entire school literacy achievement.