Principal’s Guide to Reading Recovery in Canada


A 69-page, full colour book that details everything you need to know as the Principal of a school with Reading Recovery, including handy tools you can use right away.

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The Principal’s Guide to Reading Recovery is a 69-page book that details the role of the Principal in implementing Reading Recovery in their school.  Topics include:

  • The Principal’s Key Role in Reading Recovery
  • What is Reading Recovery
  • Who are the key personnel and what are their roles
  • Professional Development for Reading Recovery Teachers
  • What is the Reading Recovery lesson
  • Evaluation, Progress Monitoring and Research
  • and more

This guide includes tools and resources you can use to implement Reading Recovery well in your school so that students can accelerate their progress in learning to read and write.

This order is for a hard copy of this book shipped directly to you.  If you would like to download a copy at no cost it is available here.

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