Success in Reading Leads to Success in School

Adam and his teacher

Adam and his teacher

“The boy who cried ‘You know I hate to read!’ is now proud of his reading.”

Adam loves to read now – especially if he can read a story to someone.

But the grade one school year did not start well. His mother wrote, “I could see he was struggling, but I thought that with perseverance we could do it and the reading would start to come to him but it didn’t. He hated reading. He cried and, when he tried and words wouldn’t come, I could see him well up and start to fidget.”

Adam’s parents were relieved when the Reading Recovery teacher from his school contacted them about bringing Adam into Reading Recovery lessons.

His mother describes what she saw, “My husband and I noticed a positive effect on Adam very early into the program. Adam told me that he enjoyed his lessons and I noticed that he was not only becoming more comfortable with his reading but in other areas as well. I remember him saying, ‘You told me I could do it and you were right, Mommy.’ The boy who cried ‘You know I hate to read!’ is now proud of his reading.”

Adam’s mother enjoyed observing lessons, and was very impressed as she watched his teacher skillfully and quickly guide Adam as he became an increasingly effective reader and writer. “My little boy dramatically improved his reading & writing within a few short weeks. I truly believe this experience had a positive effect on his attitude towards school. He has demonstrated to himself that he can be successful at something he thought was difficult at first.”


Travis in Grade 1, when he was learning how to read

Travis in Grade 1

“As a parent, I have witnessed the transformation a child can feel when they learn to read and write.”

Travis is currently in university and doing well, but in grade one he had a great deal of difficulty learning to read and write. After a few weeks of Reading Recovery lessons, his attitude toward school improved and so did his marks. In grade 8 Travis won several awards, including one for perseverance. His mother wrote to us:

Travis at Graduation

Travis at Graduation

“I believe that what Travis was able to accomplish in middle school and in high school hinged on the success he experienced through the Reading Recovery program. As a parent, I have witnessed the transformation a child can feel when they learn to read and write, and there is no better feeling than to celebrate this success with your child.”




Katelyn, Grade 1

Katelyn, Grade 1 with Reading Recovery teacher Soo-Kyoung Crljen

 “Have perseverance and believe in yourself.”

Katelyn was a very bright and talkative child so when she was in grade one her parents were extremely surprised to see that she didn’t learn how to read and write effortlessly. Her struggle soon turned to frustration, but once she began lessons with her Reading Recovery teacher she quickly got back on track.

Now in grade 8, Katelyn is a keen writer and has won the Legion Poetry contest 3 years in a row, as well as a number of prizes for her short stories. She is also captain of her Volleyball team and an avid reader.

Katelyn, Speaker at Reading Recovery Annual Conference

Katelyn, Speaker at Reading Recovery Annual Conference

Katelyn’s advice for students who are having trouble with reading and writing?

“Be really patient, because patience is key. Have perseverance and believe in yourself, because the first step is knowing that you can. Take it slow, but give it your all. As a reader and a writer I find I can express myself in ways I never knew before. It’s a freedom that everyone should be able to enjoy.”

Katelyn’s Reading Recovery teacher SooKyoung Crljen wrote:

“My clearest recollection of Katelyn during my time in lessons with her was when she announced to me that she wanted to be Prime Minister when she grew up. That certainty carried her through the weeks of lessons even as the word solving and text levels became more challenging. I was truly delighted to hear, years later, that Katelyn was selected to address more than 400 delegates at the National Reading Recovery Conference. The true gift of Reading Recovery lies in the reciprocal relationship between teacher and learner. I am thrilled to know that Katelyn continues to thrive and given how much determination she has, I look forward to the day when she becomes Prime Minister!”


Sophie - learns to read

Sophie – learns to read

“Nous avons vu des résultats presque immédiatement.”

“Notre fille a participé à IPLE. Comme parents, nous ne savions pas beaucoup de l’intervention, mais nous voulions tout essayer pour appuyer notre fille.  Nous avons vu des résultats presque immédiatement. L’enseignante spécialisée d’IPLE a beaucoup aidé notre fille à progresser à travers plusieurs niveaux de lecture. En plus, notre fille a pu transférer tous les concepts qu’elle a appris en IPLE en dehors de l’environnement structuré pour continuer sa lecture et sa progression.”

– Richard Allen & Faith McIntyre




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