Favourite Things to Do

I am very pleased with the Reading Recovery program at the school. My son was indifferent when he was being taught letters in kindergarten and at the start of grade one he was very apprehensive about reading. Now he is very good and confident with his reading and says that it is one of his favourite things to do!

Absolute MUST

This program is an absolute must. For our child, it changed his whole demeanor. He went from pushing through his tasks to taking absolute pride in his work. His teacher made the Reading Recovery program very exciting for him because he never wanted to miss a class because he enjoyed it that much.

Huge Asset

Reading Recovery is a HUGE asset to any school! It has helped my son become a strong, independent reader and has given him the confidence to tackle books that he never would have attempted before. The Reading Recovery teacher is a fantastic teacher who has helped my son become a ‘reader’ and enjoys the process of learning.


We have already seen a huge difference with Michael and how he is actually excited to show us books from school.

Amazing Progress with Reading Recovery

I am simply amazed at the progress my little guy has had in this program. He only began a few weeks ago as a non reader and now he is reading. What a boost to his self confidence!! Thank you for an excellent program!

Angela DesBarres, Director of Instructional Programs, Grande Prairie Public School District

“There are strategies, Professional Development and Professional Learning Community implications that ALL teachers benefit from when Reading Recovery is implemented. The strength in this intervention is in how teachers observe and change their teaching to suit the needs of the students they are working with. Another strength is in how teachers meet regularly to WATCH each other teach, ask questions about the strategies they are using, ask each other what they think they can change or adjust to assist their students to learn more effectively.

The question is………… Why can’t we all do that? IMAGINE where our students might go?

Richard Allen et Faith McIntyre

“Notre fille a pu transférer tous les concepts qu’elle a appris en IPLÉ en dehors de l’environnement structuré pour continuer sa lecture et sa progression.”


As a reader and a writer I find I can express myself in ways I never knew before.