The Dark Side of Level One and Two . . . Why and How to Get Students into Level Three

Can spending more than a few weeks in patterned text lead to more learned confusions than benefits? Evidence suggests that this is indeed the case. Many students who are selected for Reading Recovery know little about stories or storytelling. Early in the lesson series we need to give students the opportunity to hear and read books with a storyline. We will not accomplish this by spending more time on item knowledge. In this session you will have an opportunity to explore the benefits of getting students out of pattern text and into stories sooner rather than later.

Presenters: Lori Kelly, Teacher Leader SD 27 and Daun Newman, Teacher Leader SD 59

Lori Kelly and Daun Newman are Reading Recovery Teacher Leaders with rich backgrounds in the primary classroom, who are passionate about literacy learning and teaching. Lori is from the Cariboo-Chilcotin region in central British Columbia and Daun is from the Peace River region in northern British Columbia.